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The garden on top of the University Library

If you walk down towards the river from the University Campus at Krakowskie Przedmiescie, then you will reach the University Library on the way. It is a fascinating building from 1999 appearing in glass, bronze and flourishing bushes.

The building is situated around five minutes walk from the riverbank and the Copernicus-centre. Also this area provides land for some of the most exclusive residential housing in Warsaw.

Apart from the actual library the group of buildings include shops, restaurants and coffee bars as well as a number of lecture halls. Besides from reading and borrowing books you may also enjoy recreational activities, and the area is one of the more popular dating spots in Warsaw.

On the roof a luxuriant garden with more than 5.000 square metres of actual space that has been arranged by the landscape architect Irene Bajerska. Besides the roof area, the garden also consists of a lower-lying part next to the library.

The roof garden has been split into different sections, each having its own characteristic colour composition, smell and form.

Almost as fascinating as the actual garden is the view towards all parts of Warsaw. You may look straight down at the Copernicus-centre, have a look at the Stadium or notice the upper-laying Old Town. Also one may look up and down the river bank.

The garden is open from April till October, and visiting it is free of charge.


The Garden at the University Library

Click on the icon to see the video (3 minutes)


The library seen from Lipowa street. The bush perfectly  matches the verdigris.

The pink metal stand in front of the library are the old book shelves from the former library at the actual campus. 

Above - Just stay on the grass. Different sections of the park are connected with metal bridges.


On the left: The view along the river.





All in verdigris matching the garden - even the air-escape pipes from the library area. 

A terrific view across the city.

From the roof you may look down at the parts of the garden on ground level.

The steps to and from the roof.

A great observation post to the other river bank.







Notice the stadium on the opposite river bank. If you look right down you will see the  Copernicus Science Centre (look under museums and objects of interest).

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