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The Royal Route - continued

Afterwards we reach Ujazdowskie Avenue, which has taken its name from a castle on the route. We see a number of great palaces, good restaurants, parks and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Belwederska Street is distinguished by Belweder, which has been the residence of several Polish presidents. Next door we find the Lazienki Park and in front the Defence Department. Next to the Defence Department lies the Russian Embassy, and just a quick look at this building is enough to make you realize, that the Soviet Union had a considerable interest in Poland. 

Sobieski Street offers hotels, shops, residential housing from the communist era (absolutely worth a look).

The last stretch is Wilanow, where we notice an impressive amount of modern residential housing. It runs into the park surrounding the Wilanowa Palace - summer residence of King Jan Sobieski in the 17th century.   




We are still at Ujazdowskie Avenue. Introduction picture: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, right in front of the Lazienki Park. The wide pavement in front of the park makes it an ideal place for manifestations, and frequently Government initiatives will cause a demonstration. Sometimes the demonstrators will stand here for days or even weeks with banners and megaphones.

Ujazdowskie Avenue and the Ujazdowskie Park


Amber Room. One of the more exclusive restaurants in Warsaw. On a warm summer afternoon you may enjoy a business-lunch on the terrace.






Along the Lazienka park. When there are no demonstrations the pavement may be used for a Sunday walk in the open air. 



Belwederska Street


Jozef Pilsudski (1867-1935). Polish politician and liberator. After many years of work as a political activist and paramilitary leader Pilsudski in 1918 succeeds in wresting the power from the German occupiers.

He is subsequently made Naczelnik (leader, commander, chairman) and he is the head of several successful wars against Poland's neighbours in the years following WWI. This is where the new Poland's frontiers are cemented.

Prime Minister 1926-1928 and 1930 after a coup, but tries not to get involved in everyday politics. He sees his role as a grey eminence setting out the guidelines.

Declared democrat, but in a difficult situation surrounded by non-democratic and aggressive neighbours he acts in a not entirely democratic way.

To many Poles Pilsudski is a kind of demigod, and generally I recommend that you don't say anything bad about him while Poles are present.








Belweder. Official Polish state building. The palace was finished in 1822 and has throughout most of its existence been used to represent the government. 

After independence in 1918 the palace became the residence of Jozef Pilsudski. Later it became home to the leaders of the communist party, and from 1989 the presidents of Poland, among others Lech Walesa. The right wing is home to a collection of different things relating to Pilsudski.

At the present it is difficult to visit the Palace, and only groups are allowed after previously getting special permission.


Hotel Belweder - ***hotel with fair prices and ideal position is home to a small and ambitious restaurant called  Obsessja.






The Russian Embassy. A powerful Palace from 1955, built by Russian workers with building materials from the Soviet Union. A large park and several pavilions are attached to the embassy complex. 

The location next to the Defence Department and  Belweder has probably been practical during the communist era, where the Soviet Union exercised a substantial impact on Polish policy.

The main entrance to the Embassy is guarded by a couple of police officers. 






Hotel Hyatt. *****Business hotel close to the centre. The hotel is well equipped and in a modern style. It often receives heads of states and other VIPs visiting Poland. 

The Hotel is equipped with a brilliant fitness centre, swimming pool, business centre and conference facilities. They also advertise a rent-a-bike service. 




Sobieski Street




Sobieski Street. If you have been walking until now, this may be the moment to take bus 116 and ride the rest of the way to Wilanowa. 

In the picture we notice the roadway, biking road and pavement. At the side villas and allotment gardens. It continues like this for a few kilometres, afterwards modern concrete buildings and old communist concrete buildings. 

The buses have their own lane, which gives bus transport an advantage during peak hours. 






Concrete buildings from the 1960s. Slightly falling into decay, but fresh paint on the front has made spruced them up.









Biking road and a small stream. That's the last part of the Royal Route.

Rzeczypospolitej (the Republic) - This street leads into a huge, new residential area in Wilanowa. The big building in the background is a new church in progress.

A look into Miasteczko Wilanow - a huge, new residential area still expanding into the nearby farmland. At a glance it looks nice, but the uniformity and the broad streets without any people give an impression of a ghost town. 

A recreational area by the Miasteczko Wilanow - They have purely and simply built a beach with a south sea atmosphere, playground and beach bars. The only thing that it seems to lack is a bit of water.  

The crowning glory!

The Royal Route finishes by the Wilanowa Palace. 

If you have seen everything along the route, than you have had a day rich on impressions.

Now you just need to take a close look at the Palace and see the gardens, before you sit down and have a beer or some food in one of the many pubs around the Palace.

Get a fuller description in the section Museums and points of interest

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